Considering A 1911 OWB Holster?

In terms of quality, Everyday Carry (EDC) holsters possess a wide collection of 1911 OWB Holsters perfect for any situation. A 1911 OWB holster fits tight with the body to provide easier concealment. Their function is to hold your gun securely while also providing camouflage. All the Kirkpatrick holsters aim for easy-grip and good retention designs. Do not worry about getting an excellent shot after removing your gun from the holster.

It is made of high-quality American saddle leather, totally made by hand. Their holster will provide ample storage that EDC will benefit from without losing access. Comfortable to carry all day long, the pouch is handmade with an edge, so your 1911 will be extremely concealed without the need to dig deeper into the body.

1911 OWB Holsters with case features:

-Handmade to fit the body and provide easier access

-Made from premium leather to make storage easier

-Streamlined sleeves for comfortable clear EDC

-Stitched double for maximum durability

Front Angle

A BCA OWB holster comes standard with a graduated 10° forward scale. This improves concealment when using the OWB.

Paddle Accessories

Paddle Accessories convert your OWB gun holster and magazine pouch into a quick “on and off” paddle holster. Just put the paddle case on your belt. It is very simple! Cases are confidential and will not be lost until you decide otherwise. They are comfortable to wear all day and will make your daily lifestyle easier.

Pancake Loops 3.0

These belt loops allow your pistol holster to sit closer to your body by simply cinching the belt. The redesign allows you to adjust the rail up or down on your BCA 3.0 holster for better concealment.

Choosing The Best Holster

Besides the type of 1911 you have, you will also want to consider how you will use this gun holster. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which include:

Concealed Carry: If you want to stay connected without setting any alerts, the Concealed Carry is the way to go. They can be attached to your belt in various positions.

Wearing an internal waistband (IWB) is a common technique these days.

Unpacking: Sometimes it doesn’t matter who sees you carrying it. Opening cases are useful because they allow quick access to your gun. This can reduce drawing time by a few seconds. An open holster may also involve some sort of retention system to prevent the gun from falling out.

Shoulder holsters: These pistol holsters filled a useful niche in the world of 1911. They were a good choice for those who needed to draw quickly while sitting down. This makes it a great option for those who spend a lot of time driving or working at a desk.

The year 1911 was the year that it became famous as the gun that won two world wars. An iconic piece of American history, no gun enthusiast’s collection is complete without it. With over 70 years of honing its craft, the Kirkpatrick holster offers unmatched quality, fit, and comfort.

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