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What is FA+?

ZESTRON ® FA+ is a solvent-based cleaning agent designed to remove all types of flux residues from electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids, power electronics (power modules, leadframe-based discrete components, Power LEDs), and packages (Flip Chips/CMOS). It is surfactant-free, easily rinsed and does not require explosion-proof precautions.

What is Fafa plus Culture Media?

FA PLUS culture bottles contain a unique media formulation of adsorbent polymeric beads which offer improved antimicrobial neutralization, optimized time-to-detection, and enhanced microorganism recovery.¹ Bottles are FDA-cleared for delayed entry up to 24 hours after bottle inoculation.

What is the purpose of the alert FA plus culture bottles?

BACT/ALERT FA PLUS culture bottles are used for the recovery and detection of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) from blood and other normally sterile body fluids. Each case contains 100 bottles. Information : This product cannot be returned.

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