Footnote To Youth


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Footnote To Youth

What is a summary of 'footnote to youth'?

Footnote to Youth Themes - The story depicts how the family makes a decision after consultation and deliberation. It speaks about young people discussing their wishes with their elders and asking for permission and guidance.

What is plot of the story of footnote to youth?

What Is the Plot of "Footnote to Youth"? The plot of Jose Garcia Villa's short story "Footnote to Youth" involves the struggles that a young man named dondong has with family life, marriage and the responsibilities of adulthood.

Who tells the story of footnote to youth?

Footnote to Youth is a story by Jose Garcia Villa that was published in 1933. The year the story was published plays an important role in understanding the story and what it means. The situation in the Philippines back in the 1930s is very different from today (it's 2021 as I write this).

Do you have a summary of footnote to youth?

Footnote to Youth Jose Garcia Villa Dodong, who is 17 years old wanted to marry Teang. He wanted to go home so that he could tell his father and ask for his permission. At first, he was hesitant of saying it, but he wanted him to know. For Dodong, he is a well-grown man and can handle things like marriage.

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