Indigenous Materials


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Indigenous Materials

What is the meaning of indigenous materials?

The Indigenous Material. Is an adjective meaning "originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country". Indigenous materials, therefore, are materials that are naturally and locally found in a specific place or area.

What are the products made from indigenous raw materials?

It is also combined with other indigenous fibers to form different products like bags, floor decorative mats, hampers, newspaper racks, and holder, table mat, waste bin, tower candle holder, wall décor. Ugpay- a newly discovered indigenous raw materials.

What are 10 examples of indigenous materials found in the Philippines?

What are ten examples of indigenous materials found in the Philippines? Abaca- belonging to Banana family, strongest among natural fiber. The fiber has a natural high luster with colors ranging from pure white to ivory and dark brown. The products are Slippers, ropes, twine, hammock, frame, display jar, jars, Chelsea occasional chair

What are the painting materials used in indigenous culture?

Painting Materials used in Indigenous culture. The painting materials used are mainly Ochres, Pigments and Paints. Ochres give a rich warm colour to artworks representing the land and the dust. Pigments where used in addition to ochres and gave the artworks texture.

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