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Rakk Ilis

Is the Rakk ILIS RGB a good keyboard?

The RAKK Ilis RGB is a simple looking 96 key mechanical keyboard with a removable white frame. It’s like a mixed breed of 104 key and 87 key layouts which is one of its strong points. Build quality appears solid enough, with little flex plus the weight backing it up.

What's so special about Rakk ILIS?

WHAT'S HOT? RAKK ILIS is one of the best Keyboards that RAKK Has produced. It has sold over thousands of stocks from the Philippines to other countries. Do not miss the chance to get yours!

What is the difference between keycap and rakk ILIS?

Keyboard is using Cherry type stabilizer and Keycap material is ABS Doubleshot. Should be positioned on corners. Rakk ILIS layout is slightly bigger with just 1 column. Pressing Numlock when the Rakk hotkey is off will disable the numpad. I use stickers to the plate instead of painting them. White plate gives more vibrant underglow color.

What is the difference between Kimat XT and ILIS from Rakk?

Rakk Ilis’ packaging has a simpler look compared to the sleek packaging of the Kimat XT.2. Ilis is dubbed as the “Premium” mechanical keyboard from Rakk’s lineup. A glamour shot of the keyboard is shown along with its highlighted features on the right side.

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